Web site organization

This web site is organized into several very distinct sections. Links to each of those sections are conveniently placed in the primary links at the top of each web page.

The Wiki

The wiki is a collective effort to document just about everything related to the Astral world, including various phenomena, the various theories and theologies that offer to explain them, the authors, various resources, etc.

So, be bold and edit any page you feel can be improved or completed.

The Issue Tracker

The Issue Tracker is best thought as a TODO list, like a shopping list, etc. Each issue represents some task to be done, e.g. to improve the wiki. If a user has a problem with the web site, e.g. a technical question, she/he can post a question in the Issue Tracker. The rest of the community will then do their best to answer, and probably improve the documentation at the same time.

Once an issue is adequately dealt with, it can be set as "fixed" so that only current issues remain in the trackers.

Thus, it is a very convenient way for the community to organize itself and work together to improve the whole web site.

The Blogs

The Blog section is the most convivial section of the web site. Each user has their own blog. You can use your own blog to post your own feelings, to publicly diary your Astral experiences.

Generally, the blogs are used for the members of the community to chat with each other.

So, blog away, and enjoy your stay at Astral City!