is a community of adventurers helping each other to better experience the Astral Dimension, developing tools and a support network to help site members wanting to have Out of Body Experiences.

About this web site

This web site aims to become the leading community and source of information on all things related to dreams, dream work, astral projection, out of body experiences (OBE), lucid dreams, as well as many connate topics, such as psychology, theories of the unconscious, neuroscience, spirituality, etc.

Browse the pages outlined below to learn more about various aspects of the web site.

Note: Dream symbolism and Astral adventures may cover the whole range of Human experiences. Thus it is possible that now or in the future, some member blog entries or wiki articles address topics more suitable for a mature audience (e.g. sexuality or violence). Viewer discretion and parental supervision are advised. However most of the content of this web site should be safe reading for anybody.

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