Oliver Fox (Hugh George Callaway)

Oliver Fox (pseudonym of Hugh George Callaway) is an English writer (30 November 1885–28 April 1949).

He wrote about his extensive Lucid Dreaming and Out of Body experiences in his 1939 book: Astral Projection: A Record of Research (republished as Astral Projection: A Record of Out-of-the-Body Experience). Fox is self taught and his book is an account of his own experiences of what would today be labelled Lucid Dreaming.

In his book Journeys out of the Body, Bob Monroe writes about Fox:

In very rare instances there are published records of individuals who could deliberately and willfully induce the Second State and move about in their Second Body. There may be more, but only two stand out in recent history. If others have and are performing this act, they have kept the results to themselves.

The first of these is Oliver Fox, an Englishman who was active in psychic research and practices. He published fairly detailed reports of out-of-body experiences and techniques for achieving this state. Except in the underground of 1920, his work received little attention. Yet he very definitely attempted to bring the experience into the framework of understanding of his era.

Monroe names Sylvan Muldoon as the second.

Oliver Fox by Susan Blackmore

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