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I'm brand new to this website and looking forward to discovering other members as I just experienced my first, fully lucid OBE a few days ago. It was freaky, exciting and completely life-changing!
My Mum has had spontaneous OBEs and other "experiences" throughout her life, so although I've always thought it was possible and feel that I have done this previously without fully remembering. Believing and knowing are very different however and although one question of mine has been answered, many new questions have arisen!

The Four Noble Truths

Awakening the Buddha within, p. 89
"The First Noble Truth: Life is difficult.
The Second Noble Truth: Life is difficult because of attachment, because we crave satisfaction in ways that are inherently dissatisfying.
The Third Noble Truth: The possibility of liberation from difficulties exists for everyone.
The Fourth Noble Truth: The way to realize this liberation and enlightenment is by leading a compassionate life of virtue, wisdom, and meditation. These three spiritual trainings comprise the teachings of the Eight-Ford Path to Enlightenment."

The Ultimate Refuge

"Awakening the Buddha within" p. 81
"Knowing truth is Buddha; expressing truth is Dharma; embodying truth and living truly is Sangha."

The Dharma of Realization

"Awakening the Buddha within" p. 75
"Tibetan masters say that we are exceedingly fortunate because our human existence makes it possible for us to develop a genuine Dharma practice. They also that everything that happens in life is part of your path. Thus every moment is an opportunity for awakening; every single experience you have can be assimilated into your spiritual life."

Why go far!

I don't need to go far and search for a master. Everybody is my teacher.



p. 71 "In Tibet it is taught that the Dharma has two elements, the Dharma of Transmission or classical teachings and the Dharma of Realization or direct experience."
"The Dharma of Transmission"

Three poisons

Awakening the Buddha within, p.68-70

"...there are three primary reasons for dissatisfaction and unhappiness. These three reasons are called the Three Poisons or Three Fires. These afflictive states of mind are sometimes referred to as negative or conflicting emotions, also known in Sanskrit as kleshas - unhealthy emotions."

Dream insights

I dreamed I and my husband were going to the airport from our flat. The flat looked exactly the same as the one we have now. We checked everything, the cat stuff, the doors, and the lights before the departure. Then we locked the gate, but found out that the light in the living room was still on. I asked him to open the gate and turned off the light. He said we could turn it off from outside and he did and the light went off. I felt strange. Afterwards, we took the bus to the airport. When we arrived at the airport, it was the airport in Germany. I felt strange further.

Preparing tapes to listen at night

The last two nights, I have done something I don't do really often: I slept with earphones, listening throughout the night to some inspiring and spirituality-related mp3 I have. I listened to them throughout the night. They clearly influenced my dreams. I play the files in random order so that my dreams mixed the content of some file (by one speaker on one topic) with the content of another file (another speaker, another topic)... The results were comical.


Several miracles happened yesterday. Perhaps I was influenced by the passages I wrote yesterday. Seeing things differently did help: about Steny, about Kelly, about my husband. Let go and accept what was happening, and then things turned out differently. Amazing, huh! I ought not to be influenced by my thoughts, especially negative thoughts or thoughts from my egoes.

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