Hello :)

Hi there,

I'm brand new to this website and looking forward to discovering other members as I just experienced my first, fully lucid OBE a few days ago. It was freaky, exciting and completely life-changing!
My Mum has had spontaneous OBEs and other "experiences" throughout her life, so although I've always thought it was possible and feel that I have done this previously without fully remembering. Believing and knowing are very different however and although one question of mine has been answered, many new questions have arisen!

I achieved my OBE by envisioning myself "swimming" out of my physical body during a brief period of wakefulness during an afternoon nap. I felt myself leave the physical body--sort of a shiver-- and the next thing I knew, I was hovering close to the ceiling above my bed. I was completely surprised and wanted to keep thinking and exploring so I tried to make it over to the next room, which I did, but went thru a wall instead. I could "sense" the density of the wall as I passed thru it. I could "see" but not in the same way I'm used to seeing--closer to how I "see" when recalling a memory or during a premonition. I decided to try and "prove" for sure that this was happening so I tried to move my physical hand--no luck--it was paralyzed. I tried again and could sense myself being pulled back into my physical body and returned with another "shiver". I arose out of bed immediately after returning feeling refreshed, excited and in total awe.

Can anyone tell me more about what to expect should this happen again? My entire life has been on hold for the past few days trying to gather information about my experience :)

Your feedback and any info is greatly appreciated.

Kind wishes,


Try to search answers within yourself, while in the waking state and in the dreaming state, simply by praying. This is YOUR experience. Only you yourself know how far you can/will go.