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Preparing tapes to listen at night

The last two nights, I have done something I don't do really often: I slept with earphones, listening throughout the night to some inspiring and spirituality-related mp3 I have. I listened to them throughout the night. They clearly influenced my dreams. I play the files in random order so that my dreams mixed the content of some file (by one speaker on one topic) with the content of another file (another speaker, another topic)... The results were comical.

Welcome! (Introduction thread)

Now and then, a new user joins this web site.
If you are one of them: hello and welcome!

This blog entry is to serve as a general self-introduction thread.

So, if you just joined this web site, don't be shy: introduce yourself by answering some or all of the questions below:

  • Who are you? Tell us just a little bit about yourself.
  • How did you find this site?
  • What do you wish to receive/get/learn from this site?
  • What are your areas of expertize and interest?
  • What do you wish to contribute to this site?

Reading The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge

I am currently going through Norman Doidge's book The Brain That Changes Itself.

It is a very inspiring scientific account on the ability of the brain to rewire itself to overcome disabilities (like the inability to astral project at will) and learn new skills. It is full of awe-inspiring real life examples of people who taught themselves to accomplish feats they couldn't achieve before.

I think the book is very much on topic for this web site which is dedicated to helping individuals learn Astral Projection. It is indeed a skill we could all learn.

I started this related wiki article
you are welcome to edit it as you wish.

You are invited to keep track of the following issue:
#26: The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge

Day 3: things are starting to get interesting...

With my flu mostly over, it got much easier to practice, and this morning I got a lot of interesting results. When I started the Wake up back to bed + wake up timer method, I had hoped I would make rapid progress as far as OBEs are concerned. I am not disappointed with an out of body experience this morning, as well as sensations of lifting off the body, and much more :)

But for the record, let's start from the beginning and recall how the whole night went.

Night 2: cold sweats in tropical summer

As explained in my previous diary, I had decided to go home early to have an early, restful sleep before coming back to the office at 4:30 am to practice OBE.

Day 1: New method and 1 false awakening and transparent eyelids

Yesterday, I was browsing for OBE related videos and found the following series:

Earthquake or Out of Body Experience vibrations?

Whenever I practice more earnestly relaxation to try to have an OBE, I will regularly experience some form of violent shaking, very short in duration, usually when I just fell asleep in a relaxed state and suddenly snap back into my body.

No later than yesterday, I was relaxing lying on my back while listening to a Monroe Institute CD. During the process, I fell asleep but was soon woken up by a violent shaking of my right leg (1~2 seconds only). I knew the feeling, so I was happy to welcome this small "peak experience" during my practice.

Astral City .org created

I have just created and done some very preliminary set up.

I have been wanting to create a community web site around the topic of Astral Projection for quite a while, now.

Since I have most earnestly starting practicing relaxation in view of having OBEs, I thought now was a good time to create the site so that I can blog about my experiences as I go along, and allow others to join me and do the same.

I'm sure a healthy community of like-minded friends will grow within, and that together, we'll achieve much more than we ever could alone.

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