Night 2: cold sweats in tropical summer

As explained in my previous diary, I had decided to go home early to have an early, restful sleep before coming back to the office at 4:30 am to practice OBE.

At 22:45, I was in bed ready to sleep... except that it never happened. I never managed to relax enough between cold sweats caused by my flu and the heat of the summer in this tropical country. Thus I had a hard time to regulate my body temperature: one moment I was too cold, the next much too hot. 1 To make matter worse, when I laid down completely, I started coughing.

At 1:30am, I gave up trying to sleep and came back to the office earlier than expected. It's now a quarter past two. I just had a small collation. I'll program my computer for tonight's practice. But tired and sick as I am, I am not sure what result I can get...

We'll see...

[edit: as expected, I was eventually too tired to achieve anything good. I finally managed to fall asleep but slept too deeply to hear the timer. I have to let my body get used to this new sleeping schedule and learn to get it to fall asleep quickly. In related news, my flu is getting better...]

  • 1. And no, it's not menopause: I'm too young and too male for that!