The men who stare at goats

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"The men who stare at goats",
a movie about a reporter covering the US army and the war in Irak...

Several paranormal themes are explored, especially the US army's program on Remote Viewing.

The tone is very comical and satiric, poking fun at what a New Age - like army would be :)


"We must become the first super power to develop super powers."


And they manage to make a scene where an evil Soviet psychic researcher tortures a kitten look funny!!


"So the Soviets started doing psy research because they thought we were doing psy research where in fact we weren't doing psy research?"

"Yes, Sir. But now that they are doing psy research, we are gonna have to do psy research: we can't afford to have the Russian leading the field in the paranormal".

The movie is full of such little gems. I'm not sure I can list them all :)


Now, at the time, l thought
Lyn was having some kind of fit here.
Later l discovered
what he was actually doing
was performing the Echmeyer technique.
Ben Echmeyer was a Vietnam vet
with 63 confirmed kills.
He remains the only non-Korean
to achieve the rank
of Master in Kwa Ra Do.
lt's been said he could have a tug of war
with a dozen men and not move an inch.
He was also able to lift bags of sand
on hooks hung through his scrotum.
He was one of the Jedi teachers
at Fort Bragg.

Sir, What is the practical application
of this?


The silence of the goat :)


There's a story that Wong Wifu,
the great Chinese martial artist,
Was in a fight With a guy
Who Was beating him,
and the guy gave him this light tap,
and Wong looked at him,
and the guy just nodded.
That Was it.
He'd given him the Death Touch.
Wong died.

Then and there?

About 18 years later.
That's the thing about the Dim Mak--
you never knoW
When it's going to take effect.




Although this film is inspired by John Ronson's Book The Men Who Stare At Goats, it is a fiction, and while the characters Lynn Cassady and Bill Django are based on actual persons, Sergeant Glenn Wheaton and Colonel Jim Channon, all other characters are invented or are composites and are not portrayals of actual persons. The filmmakers ask that no one attempt walking through walls, cloudbursting while driving, or staring for hours at goats with the intent of harming them... invisibility is fine.