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I'm having trouble identifying what is happening to me during sleep. Most of the time I can control my dreams to the point of manifesting people and things out of thin air. Other times I feel I'm being pulled away from my body. Sometimes I feel like I'm floating in a jello like substance and can only roll or tumble in circles with no control at all. I'm fearful and terrified at times because I'm so lucid, so aware, so in control that I feel god-like. I want to be studied during sleep and/or participate in some kind of dream or paranormal/metaphysical research. Please e-mail me if I could be of assistance or if you have any answers for me regarding my issues. I just want to know what is happening and what my potential could be for these states of being. And if I can develop further and how to do so...thank you for listening and I hope to GOD I hear from someone very soon, as this has been happening since I was 16 years old and I'm now 38. It has developed on it's own and getting stronger by the night. I actually feel and expeirience powerful energy surges through the top of my skull and throughout my entire body. Please help me? ? ? ? ?


This is me and its all true. What on earth is my brain doing? And are there other entities attacking me? Because that's what it feels like sometimes. contact me at if you think I would be a good research subject for sleep analysis or dream research. Thank you


Hello aprilshowers,

You have a high degree of lucidity and, it itself, it is not something to be afraid of. Actually, from the start, the main message I would like to convey to you is that you don't need to be afraid at all, of anything. Your main problem is that you do not seem to understand what is happening to you. I can provide some clues although I don't think I am the most qualified to help you since you are obviously more advanced than I am.

About the strong energy that you feel, my first thought was that it may be related to some kind of Kundalini awakening. Have you ever heard of that? Kundalini is a fully conscious energy that has its own will. It belongs to you, it is part of you and will not cause you any harm. If you have never heard of Kundalini, search online for more information.

You do not provide much background about your belief systems. The Astral is an objective realm where subjectivity plays a strong role. It means that what you experience is not necessarily all in you head (you are not going crazy!!!) but it is heavily influenced by your expectations. Depending on your religion and belief system, you might want to ask / pray your Guardian Angel, your Higher Self, God, etc. for help and guidance.

What books, if any, have you read on the topic of Astral projection? Have you read the Robert Monroe classics on the subject?

My feeling is that you have a very strong natural ability and that you need some theoretical framework to make sense of what is happening to you.

What about doing some experiment? How much can you find about myself? Can you use the lucidity in your dreams to investigate me, where I am, who is with me in the room at the time I am writing this?

I'd love to do what I can to help you make sense of all this. And I'd love to correspond further with you on these topics.