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Re: movie "27 hours":


Aron describes is hallucinations (Astral trips?)



The movie and the interview both speak about his vision of his future, the fact he'd have a son, meaning that he would actually survive his ordeal.


in the same interview he speaks about synchronicity: him getting free and getting to the bottom of the canyon, and the helicopter arriving to pick him up (he wouldn't have been able to get to his car...)


also: the role of prayer: Things started looking better when his mother started praying for him. See Brokaw show.



By the fifth day, Ralston had found "peace" in "the knowledge that I am going to die here, this is my grave". In the middle of his final night, hallucinating through hunger, lack of water and 3C temperatures, he had a vision of a small boy. "I see myself in this out-of-body experience playing with him with a handless right arm. I see myself scoop him up and there's this look in his eyes, 'Daddy, can we play now?' That look tells me this is my son, this is in the future, I'm gonna have this experience some day. Now it's like, I am going to get through this night."