Materialization / (dis)embodiement

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Many Charmed episodes feature deamons and witches materialising and disappearing again.

How to call that? How to feature this ability in the wiki?


example phenomena in the show:

(up to s1e9)

- a spell conjure a witch back from the dead a materialises standing next to the 3 charmed ones.
- a bad witch materializes in a mirror. When a girl touches the mirror, the witch possesses her body. Later, she is sent back to the mirror and the mirror destroyed.
- a dead warlock simply disappears from physical reality ("great: they clean after themselves").
- various daemons are simply conjured away and they slowly disappear in agony.
- a warlock is cast into a pocket watch. 3 centuries later, he escapes from the watch only to be cast again into it, "forever".