Astral denizens and the intent of the astral traveler

I have been thinking about Astral denizens lately, and I have begun to think that they are very senstive to the intent of the dreamer or astral traveler. The little beige people that I saw seemed very surprized to see me, and if I am going to be entirely truthful, they also looked more than a little "Who is this cheeky meatball, coming into the Astral out of mere curiosity?" I had actually invaded their home, or walked into their house without an invitation...and, for all I know perhaps that is exactly what I accidentally did!!! I do not know the "ettiquette" of the astral, and do not know how to control my flights, but the shamans of old and the shamas of today too (not the "neo-shamans" who are more-or-less "recreational shamans" who use entheogens) never went into the Astral in a casual, careless or ego-centered manner...they only ever went in to heal someone, to get a specific answer to a specific question, or because the tribe needed them to go for some reason, and that reason was never a light, or casual one. So I think the Astral (or at least its denizens) must be very senstive to the intent of the traveler. Perhaps they even hide if the travelers intent is unclean. I don't know. I have never done entheogens, and have only met Astral denizens once that I can recall...those little beige people. But since the Astral is composed of pure energy (or, at the very least, a form of matter so rarified it is nothing but the merest gossimer), it stands to reason that it is also very sensitive and highly reactive to the energy we give off when we go there. I could be wrong about that, but I am going to be more careful about my curiosity from now on, because I don't want to accidentally invade someones home again.

From the wiki:

How should one behave while projecting?

It really depends on how objective the Astral dimension is. If you think that dreams, OBEs, so-called "Astral Projections" are all but a figment of your imagination, and that such things do not have any subjective reality, then there is no specific rules of behaviour, except those designed to help you retain control of the experience and to prevent any distressing experience.

On the other hand, if you believe that there is some degree of objective reality to the dimensions beyond those of our physical reality, then it means that individuals and entities you might meet there also have an objective existence independent from your own. In such a case, don't behave there in ways you wouldn't behave here. Don't do to people there things you wouldn't do to people here. The same rules of common courtesy apply in every dimension.

Like you, I believe we should be as respectful to Astral entities as we are (or ought to be) to people down people.