Awakening The Buddha Within

This book is very useful to me for my practices.
"Enlightenment is a mysterious process, not unlike God, Truth, or love. No one definition is large enough to encompass it. Each experience is unique - as we are each unique. Enlightenment - whether you call it spiritual awakening, liberation, illumination, or satori - means profound inner transformation and self-realization. " (p. 16)
"Enlightenment is not about becoming divine. Instead, it's about becoming more fully human. In examining the arche-typical experience of the Buddha, we see that his enlightenment represents a direct realization of the nature of reality - how things are and how things work. Enlightenment is the end of ignorance." (p. 16)

After I read these, I realized to be happy is to quieten my mind. When the egos are silent I will reach the state of happiness. "Each experience is unique." I thought I am more sensitive to sounds, so I decided to listen to sounds. At first, listened to all the sounds, I found myself hard to get concentrated. Then I listened to only one particular sound. It worked well with me. Even when I walked on the street, this particular sound alerted me immediately. This particular sound is acted as an alert.

I read that book, a long time ago. I liked it a lot.

I am happy you are enjoying it, too.

We are surrounded by white noise (background noise) that we are not usually aware of. It helps to be aware of them, like you are doing, to awaken our consciousness.

Good luck with your practice!

You read it, too. It's really a good book, right!
At the moment, I hope to reach inner self-realization.