Consolidated Information Relating to Dr. Chet Snow's Vision, the Future, Survival, Evolution or Extinction and Current Events



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William Norton Monroe born 1841

Robert Allan Monroe,[1] also known as Bob Monroe (October 30, 1915 – March 17, 1995)

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Consolidated Information Relating to Dr. Chet Snow's Vision, the Future, Survival, Evolution or Extinction and Current Events

Since 2011 I have been conducting vision quest designed to unravel humanities psychological, behavioral dysfunction. Prior to that I became aware of the human past which is hidden by actions of the church of Rome for 2000 years.

Humanity at that time, 2000 years ago, I speculate, was at a node (reference to film "Matrix") of decision, or directional change in evolution. Christ was the focus and the events preceding, through his mother, his conception, parthenogenesis, was the effort, probably of people in the far future exerting knowledge and motivation through dream state communications, to spiritual people of the time.

The old world, humanity before Christ, operated primarily through use of the unconscious mind and deep hypnotic states known to day as "somnambulism". Since the Rome controls academia psychology relies on an ancient latin term describing sleepwalking rather than deriving a new name from research into the unconscious existence. It is likely to conclude with the unaccountability that elite psychologists and their associations show, that such research is currently forbidden as heresy.

Rome endeavors to end all humanities uses of the unconscious mind, primarily oral histories kept in the unconscious mind by uses of deep trances, somnambulism, and impose record keeping kept by the written word. All aspects of society were coordinated, orrginaized and arranged using various forms of hypnosis that were nearly invisible even to the people that accepted them. By eliminating that to replace it with the written word, humanities awareness of the past could be controlled, which enables the control of decision controlling behaviors that lead into the future. Herein is a solid relationship to Dr. Chet Snows

The design is to disable humanities ability or even willingness, through the impositions of fear based in various instincts invoking phylogenetic DNA, from all levels of human existence that alter the human social capacity to control its behaviors. This makes humanity dependent upon elite groups that are using the unconscious mind for secrecy, networking, loyalty and cooperation within secret collusions to control all resource enabling an orgy of indulgence with instinctual gratifications that are not eternal, but yet have immense sway over humans because of the multitude of genetic connections to the left and right brains, or the capacity to use cognitive capacity to unravel the seeming infinite aspects of the collective unconscious as it exists outside of time. The realm of intent which renders life eternal.

The proportions of time and human life are far different than our cognitive processes are used to. Ancient spiritual people, and more contemporary Indigenous people, primarily Indigenous Americans operate in the "oneness", which is a view of the unconscious mind that is based with INTENTION. All intentions in the collective unconscious flow together. It is my hypothesis that reincarnation is based in aspects of this being consolidated within a living person, that has their conscious existence reoccurring for various reasons, some not related to evolution, but more for the purposes of resolving issues past physical evolution into spiritual eternity.

Since 9/11 I've been aware that an agenda of unconscious control enabled by public ignorance. In around 2006 I became aware of perhaps 27 different feature films that had the occurrence of the numerology in them consisting of 9/11 in various forms. The film "Matrix" is one of those. The films them is the important of decision. There was also a rap album released by an Oakland California rap group called "Coup" 3 weeks before which depicted the attack on the Twin Towers almost exactly as it happened. The group were Muslim. My immediate reaction was a deju vu type visceral chill. I knew in my unconscious that this had meaning.

Following the emergence of the film "Cowboys and Aliens", and my viewing of it, a process of vision quest into the motivational structures of the first the humans depicted, then the aliens depicted began. Within this was an effort to find parallels with humanities development. The focus on gold became obvious and another film production of "Palladin" Richard Boone in1958 , had obvious relationship through the Chiricahua Apache Indians. The Indigenous perspective on gold is one of district of those that value it as money. Incas used it only for ceremony and Indigenous Americans do not use it all.

The vision quest included an awareness related to computer technology focusing on the differences between the personal computer and the apple computer. That awareness started its importance with the (quoted from wikipedia) Apple Computer, Inc. vs. Microsoft Corporation, 35 F.3d 1435 (9th Cir. 1994) was a copyright infringement lawsuit in which Apple Computer, Inc. (now Apple Inc.) sought to prevent Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard from using visual graphical user interface (GUI) elements that were similar to those in Apple's Lisa and Macintosh operating systems.[1] The court ruled that, "Apple cannot get patent-like protection for the idea of a graphical user interface, or the idea of a desktop metaphor.

Essentially the courts allowed microsoft to reverse engineer the apple operating system so microsoft could optimize the programs word and excel for use on the macintosh computer. Basically a form of fraud and theft condoned by the justice system. Apple had all of their attorneys work on development of the contract between the two companies well aware that microsoft could make software that could run on a hard drive that would emulate the apple operating system and then begin to compete with apple with computers that could be used with comparative ease. It is not quite credible that those attorneys could not make an iron clad contract.

At the time, the PC was operated with the Disk Operating System and was counter intuitive for consumers for the most part. It was clear that apple was going to be completely controlling the consumer computer market and that PC's were going to be used only for certain tasks in industry or technology. Microsoft, the US district court and the entire PC industry appear to have conspired to essentially steal the apple operating system. The US government operated fairly exclusively with PC type computers. The special interest of the court under the US government, and collusion between PC manufactures, microsoft etc. is easy to see.

As a macintosh user since 1987 I can state that PC's are a constant nightmare for those attempting to use them. Information loss is frequent and vulnerability to viruses is great. These things are common knowledge. In my casual investigation of the primary differences I have met some high level technologists who have outlined the basic difference to the machines.

The macintosh uses a group of ROM microprocessors that have the permanent code creating the operating system. They upload a certain amount of code to EPROM's which are active with that code through the operating session. These chips interact with the logic board and define the access of the logical board coordinated with the hard drive and data storage on the hard drive.

The PC has a hard drive and a logic board with a different relationship and the software called "windows" provides the interaction between the logic board and the hard drive.

On a mac when access to the data on the hard drive fails, the user can do what is called a parameter ram reset by holding down the p,r, option and command key and listening for 4 "tones" coming from the computer. These tones indicate the code of the rom chips working their way through the eproms reprogramming them with all of their operating parameters including the electrical parameters for the control over the logic board and its relationship to data stored on the hard drive.

On a PC, if the access to the hard drive fails it is a permanent failure and if data is not backed up it is lost. Recent "restore" functions of windows partially corrects this.

Vulnerability to virus's through "ping" attacks etc of PC's is very large, whereas a mac simply slows down. The wise user will quit the browser. If not a system crash can occur. Only once in 13 years of activism on the web using a G4 with os x system 10.2 did this happen. Data was recovered eventually. In working to get others interested in justice and constitutional defense/enforcement, I found all working with PC's afraid of viruses. Fear of "Men in Black", black helicopters etc. has kept all who I encounter from working with me on gaining justice.

The major differences in the two computers cost is from the mac having 3 times as many microprocessors which facilitate this stability as a computer. Gold is the most important and expensive material used in microprocessors.

Accordingly books used to be collected burned by the church. Perhaps they still are. Now, not only can data be deleted at the press of a button, but computers that automatically loose all of their data with exposure to code of a virus, are the most popular on the planet.

Since 9/11 I have been an activist for justice relating to the Towers demise in the form of a proper investigation. I have grown up with a large Indigenous American influence which I attribute to this questing. There were many Iroquois and Mohawk people erecting steel on the construction of the WTC Towers. From them information undoubtedly went to documentary filmmakers who made a documentary titled, "The Engineering and Construction of the Twin Towers" which aired in 1990 on PBS.

Now the digital archives of PBS no longer show such a documentary. Through contacts their corporate paper records were accessed to find records of the documentary. I had thought the title was "The Construction of the Twin Towers". My contact; Dr. Ron Larsen, Ph.D, (cornell, materials testing) who had found me through my website which has a demolition model detailed featured on it as well as the compiled images etc. independently verifying the design of the structural core; informed me through the information of his sources that the true title was "The Engineering and Construction of the Twin Towers". I immediately realized that was correct and having an eidetic memory somewhat, I can visualize that title at the beginning of the 2 hour documentary airing on two different evenings in 1990.

An extensive search was made for the documentary in America by Canadian millionaire Kee Dewdney for the documentary without success. Dewdney is the individual who determined that cell phone calls cannot be successfully made from airliners.

The prime legal information from the documentary and whatever independent verifications could be found were compiled into a filing IN RE:" (IN REGARD) at the US district court in Los Angeles and can be found on my 9/11 web site here. There are 2 other pages linked from that page which detail the US district court judges essential violating US code in order to conceal treason by ending my disclosure as a record in the criminal clerks office. There are other links to all aspects of 9/11 from those pages.

Another critical document is missing from this puzzle. The 1962 book titled "The Hundredth Monkey" authored and self published by 23 Japanese biologists. Research only finds a book by the same name written by Ken Keyes in 1974 which has none of the biologist scientific observation which led them to determine that the primate they were studying, the Macaque Fuscata, on the island of Koshima in the south Pacific, had conducted dream state communications in their society in order to share an important process related to their food source which had been supplemented by sweet potatoes from the biologists. The biologists could not get the university financing the major study to publish so they pooled their funds and published perhaps only 20,000 copies.

In the late 1970's I briefly met a woman that worked in a used bookstore here in Santa Barbara which informed me that there was a global network that they listed all books which came into their store with. That organization paid very well for certain books. She unhappily informed me that she felt that the organization was targeting certain books for removal from circulation.

In observing the bad science that has become prominent creating serious problems for the environment and nature I've noticed an organization calling itself, "United Concerned Scientists". I have sent them certified mail pointing out that the human mind, both hemispheres, are the first tool of science and that psychology is deeply negligent in addressing the unconscious mind with its various potentials for control over our waking state activities. There was no response. I have a web page with the letter.

There are 3 graphics of that letter which may be important to those working with astral projection, dream state research etc., that illustrate this in ways completely consistent with medical and psychological research.

The relationships of the above to what Chet Snow states, below, has numerous points worth noting.
Chet Snow

"In an interview in the Leading Edge Newspaper, Dr. Snow suggests that the future is not set in stone, and that the mind can somehow alter the timeline:
I believe, by changing our present behavior, we can change our future. We can go back in time, through past-life regression, and heal relationships in the past, and our present will then change because our vibration is no longer the same."
"Dr. Snow describes two different regions of time on which he focussed: 2100 to 2200 AD and 2300 to 2400 AD.62 At these times, the population is only about two billion, and there seems to be four different societies. Twenty-five percent of the test group whom he progressed into the future found themselves either living on a space station orbiting Earth or on another planet. Their society was high tech and had contact with friendly extraterrestrials. Thirty-percent of the group lived on Earth in a high tech society with machines, and they lived in domes or underground. They wore jumpsuits and did not seem happy. Eighteen percent of the group were vegetarians, wore lose, flowing robes, and lived happily in harmony with nature. Twenty percent of the group lived in small rustic towns resembling villages of the 19th century. They wore jeans, boots, and tunics, raising farm animals and eating meat. A small percentage of the experimental group reported living in the ruins of major cities like New York and existing in a primitive fashion. In 1999, some progressees predicted that Soviets would take over parts of eastern Europe."
Our ability to change our future by altering present behaviors is obvious. Through the implications of the three .pdf graphics linked above the potential for dreams from the future, past and present mingling, is made obvious. That possibility cannot be refuted despite the lack of documentation of such in our society. Clearly such documentation would be greatly discouraged by the ruling elite and untouched by all media. Such information would require massive economic power to see widely shared. Those with such power, I assert, only have that power because they have agree to never share such things and to generally work against any understanding of the unconscious whatsoever.
However, many of the most creative of those have dreams and such dreams are not known to them, but still from their intuitive mind comes inspirations which are the basis of films, music and other things. Or, their unconscious existence is guiding their inspiration as well as the information it works with. We mostly do not remember our dreams which means that an organized effort to send information back from the future to the present, their past, is possible. In the case of the films with the numbers "9/11" before Tuesday, September 9, 2001, it very likely seems that is what has happened.

With all of the above in mind I set forth to confirm this potential myself by using my ability, to whatever degree that might exist, to gain a confirmation from the future, AND A DATE, where my basic impetus for this research, direction, guidance etc. might originate.

Prior to that I had a series of dreams in an environment, society etc., resembling what Dr. Snow describes here, "Twenty percent of the group lived in small rustic towns resembling villages of the 19th century. They wore jeans, boots, and tunics, raising farm animals and eating meat." The dreams resembled my current lifestyle in many ways.

After developing the resolve to have such a dream if possible, I proceeded to think and consider the possibility before going to sleep, even including the need for it in prayer etc. After a few weeks I had a dream which was in the environment described in the previous paragraph. In that dream I was driving on a dirt road delivering a child to parents. I looked up towards a nearby hillside to see the numbers 2316 standing there much like the "Hollywood" sign does in the Santa Monica mountains. I awoke and realize that was probably the date where much of my unconscious guidance was originating if such guidance existed at all.
The numbers of 2316 as a date fits as well as the environment of the dream, or corresponds to one of the the four populations in 2300 of the visions of Dr. Snow.

We are comprised of all of the genes of all of the living things on Earth. The first ambulatory forms of life on the planet were insects and larval life forms. Through various evolutions dividing and combining those genes, reptilian life forms, then avian forms developed, then mammalian. It is logical that the genes which control the development of the brain follow similar paths. I would speculate that memory and sex are of insectoid origin. It is interesting to note that England created colonies and was ruled by a Queen, and that such rule was compelled within association with Rome.

It is not well known but there is the "act of 1871" which creates Washington DC. Another poorly known fact is that the union army was financed by English elite which created a debt that an unconscious infiltration of congress chose to respect over the constitution. Since that time, corporations have been given individual rights and fiat money has been created while numerous unconstitutional wars have been waged with American armies.

Looking to the film "Cowboys and Aliens", we see the lead character "Jake" bring gold to a woman, there is something in that which suggests Jake is addicted to sex, and thinks the gold will secure the future of that. She rejects it and him to be abducted by aliens which destroys his memory of the event. The Aliens also take the gold. We then see an alliance between "Jake" the townspeople, the military and the Chiricahua Apache Indians, who dislike gold. Recall the series Palladin and the Sierra Madre gold episode. The alliance continues on to oppose the aliens which were blue in color and basically insectoid.

Recall the film "Matrix" and the choice between the blue or the red pill. It is worthy to note that Mohammed Atta, identified as flying flight 91, into the north face of WTC 1, had a drivers license which expired on September 11, 2001 as did "Neo" the lead character in the film "Matrix".

We see numerous sordid sex scandals rocking the church of Rome and political figures. Very likely such things are being used to control political figures, money and power over human development on this planet.

The ultimate form of secrecy exploits the fact that what is unconscious cannot be revealed. Psychology refuses to create therapies that directly work with the unconscious mind although it is completely logical that most psychological disorders are of the unconscious mind. I've personally tested psychology and the courts and they both refuse to initiate treatments direct to the unconscious although therapeutic methods were basically adequate in the 1970's to safely do so.

In the scene of "Cowboys and Aliens" where "Ella" takes the mysterious metal bracelet from "Jakes" left wrist after her kiss releases it, a suggestion is created that love releases the power to destroy the threat of the insectoid genes controlling humanities development. This is suggested because "Ella" sacrifices herself in a human form to save the people taken captive, showing love controls our capacity to make sacrifices that the insectoid instincts cannot do or allow to be rationalized outside of a social structure.

If insects cannot know love, and have lost the ability to store information in the unconscious as long term memory or deep memory, but can work in within the realm of the collective unconscious to significant degrees, and computers that use 1/3 less gold enable having more insects, then the preceding scenario would be reasonable. And of course insect do not care about anything else.

Hi Christopher,

Your post has a lot of information. I read it all with interest. Your blog entry covers so many points, all of which interest me, that I don't know where to begin.

Concretely speaking, if the stated goal is to awaken ourselves, and help the society move forward, what do you suggest we do?

There are many reasons such research needs to be done into our unconscious existence. Primarily Americans need to unify to assure that psychology becomes accountable to treatment direct to the unconscious mind. Our society could benefit from this in a myriad of ways. In fact the benefit seems pretty much unlimited.

Aside from the, the possibilities of something working through or in the unconscious mind as a potential warning these films for us could provide some profound insight into what we are doing, why and where it leads us if we allow it too. Such could provide immense motivation to resist allowing war to control our existences here on this planet.

This is a list of the films and the times in them that the number 9/11 appears. The links are not active, but many of the list have the time or even the occurrence of 9/11 displayed Simpsons Coup Computer Screen in Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) Dialogue in A Time to Kill (1996) Film: Face/Off (1997) Time: 00:54:13 Film: Awakenings (1990) Film: Pearl Harbour (1999) Film: Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) Time: 01:10:51 Film: Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
Time: 00:36:14 Film: Super Mario Brothers (1993) Film: Godzilla (1998) Time: 00:41:46 Film: The Sixth Day (2000) Time: 00:04:40 Film: Problem Child 2 (1991) Time: 00:53:20 Film: Seven (1995) Time: 01:24:14 Film: The Big Lebowski (1998) Time: 00:02:59 Film: The Patriot (2000) Film: Independence Day (1996) Time: 00:45:33 Film: The Peacemaker (1997) Time: 01:28:42 Film: Enemy of the State (1998) Time: 01:28:06 Film: The Thirteenth Floor (1999) Time: 00:53:20 Film: Traffic (2000) Time: 00:02:17 Film: The Pelican Brief (1993) Time: 00:41:22 Film: Rugrats in Paris (2000) Time: 00:02:22 Neo's passport expires on 9-11-01

There is a very common sense strategy for seeing that the reasonable people of states gain control over the federal government through their states. This, it turns out maybe the most direct and easiest way to gain many esoteric truths that our species needs in order to go forward, to adapt and insure our survival, our evolution.

This page has a basic summary of the strategy.

I ask that all sentient beings join me in defending and restoring our American constitution through unity simply established using the natural law constitutional intent that can be widely shared across the north American continent.