Work on Egos

Awakening the Buddha within, Right Intentions, p.153-188

1) Clean Our Inner House (mind)

a) Let go of self-deception

b) Be honest with ourselves and the rest of the world

* Admit we are selfish, self-denial and self-justified

Conscientious attention
Emotional intelligence
Sincere internal scrutiny

2) Find Buddha-nature

a) Wisdom = Awareness

b) Compassion: Dharma

Compassion = nobility or greatness of heart
* Open-hearted wisdom
* Discernment
* Empathy
* Unselfishness
* Abundant kindness
Dharma = Unselfish views
* Put another being's needs before my own
* Try to see through their eyes

Om Mani Pedmé Hung

3) Liberate our mind free from egos

* Transfer our egotistical and selfish attitudes with mahayana mind-training, known as Lo-jong
Lo means mind and jong means to train, transform, refine, or soften
* Lo-jong awakens the mind and opens the heart
* Through this thorough mind-training, put ourselves in another's shoes

Regard everything as though it is a dream
Put the responsibility where it belongs
Reflect on the kindness of everyone you meet
Always relfect on what provokes difficulties in your life
Don't wallow in self-pity
Always maintain a joyful mind