Two stages of Dream Practice

The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep, p.138-140

Two stages of Dream Practice

Stage 1 The conventional (the dualistic) a) content of dreams b) our experiences of them

*Working with dream images and stories
*Working with our responses to experience and our emotions
*Working with dream's effects in us and the effects of our practice in dream
*Working with developing greater awareness and control

Stage 2 The non-conventional (the non-dual) the non-dual light

Working with dream practices
Step 1 Transfer anger to love; Transfer hopelessness to hopefulness; Transfer what is wounded in use to what is healed and strong
Step 2 Develop the ability to work skillfully with the situations in life and to be of ad to others
Step 3 Gain these skills when begin to truly understand that life is dreamlike and flexible
Step 4 Change ordinary life into experiences of great beauty and meaningfulness, incorporating everything into the path