Starting on the Spiritual Path Right Here

Awakening the Buddha within, p.54
"Your life is your path. Your disappointments are part of your path; your joys are your path; your dry cleaning, and your dry cleaner are on your path; ditto your credit card payments. It's not helpful to wait until you have more time for meditation or contemplation, because it may never happen."
"For you, the seeker, what matters is how you attend to the present moment. This includes motivation, intention, aspiration, desire, hope, and expectation. This is not just about what you do but how you do it. The present moment is where the rubber actually meets the road. Your traction on the path, spiritually speaking, depends on how you apply your heart and soul."
p. 55 "One need not travel to distant lands, seek exotic mystical experiences, master esoteric mantras and treaties, or cultivate extraordinary states of mind in order to experience a radical change of heart and inner transformation. Spiritually speaking, everything that one wants, aspires to, and needs is ever-present, accessible here and now - for those with eyes to see. It's the old adage all over again: You don't need to see different things, but rather to see things differently."
p. 56 "Conscious living, contemplative self-awareness, is the means to becoming all that we are. Awareness is curative. Knowing ourselves and learning to let go is the method, the most skillful means. Spiritually is a matter of self-discovery, rather than of becoming something else."

"Your life is your path." I realize that I have no control on the things happening on my path, but I can at lease choose to accept them and try to see them differently. If I manage to do so, sufferings vanish. These sound easy. Huh, to actually carry out is not easy: accepting what's happening is one thing, and seeing things differently is another.